Our Terms and Conditions

Purpose of this page

This document sets out the terms upon which we will be acting for you. The Engagement Terms will apply to any work which you ask us to act, unless we notify you in writing to the contrary. For the purpose of this document We / Us shall mean Gridline Architecture, and You shall mean the Client or the Individual or Organisation requesting works to be carried out. By using any of our services you confirm to have read and agree to our terms and conditions.

We Must:

Carry out the agreed works in line with the agreed brief and schedule of services with care, diligence and honesty.  

Endeavour to work in line with in the agreed time scales. Always act in your best interest and comply with your instructions.

Explain to you the risks and benefits of taking a given action. Explain the work that may be required as the project progresses.

Update you on the likely timescales for each stage of your project and any important changes in those estimates.

Advise you of any circumstances of which we are aware or consider to be reasonably foreseeable that could affect the outcome of your project.  

We will periodically keep you informed of progress in the performance of the services and of any issue that may materially affect the project.

We shall not disclose to any other person Confidential Information unless disclosure is necessary for the proper performance of the services, or in order to take professional advice in relation to this Agreement or the services, or in order to obtain/maintain insurance cover as required by this Agreement or disclosure is required by law or because of disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement.

You Must:

Provide us with a clear brief outlining your full requirements for the avoidance of doubt.

Provide us with clear, timely and accurate instructions that allow us to carry out our work properly.

Not ask us to work in an improper, unethical or unreasonable way or deliberately mislead us.

Co-operate with us at all the times to the benefit of your project.

Provide us with all required documents in a timely manner.

Provide us with any agreed funds we may request to carry out your project in a timely manner.

Preserve documents relevant to your project.

Insure on time payment for our services as set out in this agreement.

You shall supply / confirm a statement of your full requirements and shall advise the relative priorities of these requirements. This will form the basis of the brief.

You shall provide all the information in your possession, or reasonably obtainable, which is necessary for the proper and timely performance of the Services and we shall be entitled to rely on such information. You shall give decisions and approvals and shall take such actions necessary for the proper and timely performance of the services.

Time Scales and Flow of work

The Client acknowledges that the we do not warrant that the planning permission and other approvals from third parties will be granted at all, or if granted, will be granted in accordance with any anticipated time-scale; or without conditions requiring discharge.

Amendments to the design or drawings required by a local authority will be carried out free of charge with no limit to the number of amendments.

Upon submission of the draft design you will be invited to our office to meet and discuss your project. You will be given the opportunity to make any number of amendments to the design at this stage. For the avoidance of doubt the schedule of amendments will need to be submitted to us in writing. The full list of amendments will be given to us in a single interval to avoid disturbance to the flow of work. This can be in the form of a letter or an email but must be contained in a single document and must be in writing. Any amendments to the design post this stage will be subject to additional charges as per our time charge schedule listed below. All further amendments required by the client must be provided in writing.

In the event of a planning refusal or withdrawal, a resubmission will be carried out at a reduced rate of 50% of the original agreed fee where it is deemed that approval is possible.  In this event the brief must be identical as the original agreed brief.


We will send you a bill for our charges and expenses upon submission of our draft design / draft drawings. Our payment terms are 14 days from the date of the invoice.  Payments are due before making any final submissions. In the event of our bills remaining unpaid for more than 14 days we reserve the right to cease all work on your project until payment is made. Payments made later than two weeks from the deadline date of any given invoice are subject to a £25 administration charge per reminder. Invoices that remain unpaid for a period of 8 weeks may be passed onto a credit agency who may carry out further action including but not limited to legal action.

In addition to the fees and expenses, the Client shall pay any Value Added Tax chargeable on the fees and expenses.

Additional fees

Our charges are based on the quotation / proposal provided to you in writing. Any additional time we spend on your behalf that does not form part of this quotation will be considered as additional work, and will be subject to additional charges. Our Charges for time spent on additional work are calculated in six minute units using hourly rates. The rates vary according to the seniority of the team member working on your project. Our hourly rates are as follows: Director - £150/h, Senior Associate - £95/h, Associate / other - £75/h. We will give you notice of any change in the hourly rate you will pay.

In the event that we for reasons beyond our reasonable control incur extra work or loss and expense, we shall be entitled to additional fees calculated on a time basis as set out in this document unless otherwise agreed. Matters in relation to which we shall be entitled to additional fees include but are not limited to circumstances where:

We are required to vary any item of work commenced or completed pursuant to this Agreement.

To provide a new design or amendments after the Client has authorised an approved design.

To provide amendments after the client has issued an agreed schedule of amendments as noted above.

The Services is delayed, disrupted or prolonged in circumstances outside of our control for reasons including but not limited to extended contract periods, delays to our work do to circumstances outside of our control.  

We are required to submit additional planning applications, discharge conditions of a planning consent and / or make an application for non-material amendments to a planning consent.

We are required to make amendments to the agreed design or once the design has been submitted for a planning application.

We is required to carry out work related to party wall negotiations and information required for party wall awards.  

We is required to carry out work to drawings, specification and schedules for construction purposes to revise the approved design.


We shall own the copyright in the original work produced in the performance of the Services and generally asserts our moral rights to be identified as the author of such work. No part of any design by us may be registered copied or reproduced. The Material may not be used for reproduction of the design for any part of any extension of the Project, and/or for any other project except on payment of a licence fee to be subsequently agreed.

Professional indemnity insurance

We shall maintain professional indemnity insurance with a limit of indemnity of £2,000,000 provided such insurance continues to be offered on commercially reasonable terms to us at the time when the insurance is taken out or renewed.

When reasonably requested by the Client, we shall produce for inspection a broker’s letter or certificate confirming that such insurance is being maintained.

The Client acknowledges that the we do not warrant that permission and other approvals from third parties including but not limited to planning permission, building control, private management company will be granted at all, or if granted, will be granted in accordance with any anticipated time-scale; or without conditions requiring discharge; or without the requirement of amendments. Gridline Architecture will not hold any responsibility whatsoever for any works carried out by external consultants, or companies, or persons not employed by Gridline Architecture, including but not limited to, party wall surveyors, structural engineers, M&E engineers. The client is solely responsible for any works carried out prior to the approval of the relevant authorities or third parties.

No employee of Gridline Architecture, including any officer or director of a company or a member or any agent of the company, shall be personally liable to the Client for any negligence, default or any other liability whatsoever arising from performance of the Services.

Suspension or termination

The Client may suspend the performance of any or all of the Services and/or other obligations by giving not less than 7 days’ notice and specifying the Services affected.

We may suspend performance of the Services and/or other obligations stating the reasons for doing so in the event that:

The Client fails to pay any fees or other amounts due by the final date for payment

That the Client is in material or persistent breach of the obligations under this Agreement

That we are prevented from or impeded in performing the Services for reasons outside of our reasonable control;

Of force majeure.

In the event of suspension or termination whether by the client or by us all fees and expenses incurred up to the date of the termination will be payable to us by the client.

Expenses and Disbursements

All drawings will be issued in PDF Format. You are also entitled to (upon request) to one set of the completed drawings in hard copy.

Unless agreed otherwise in writing, our fees do not include expenses such as fees payable to the local authority, structural engineer's fees, other consultant fees or any other necessary expenses incurred in connection with your project, which will be charged to you as separate items on our bills. We will however, seek your authority before incurring any additional costs unless they are non-exceptional items (printing, postage, travel and the like).

Our set charges for additional expenses are as follows:

Prints Black & White: A1 £3 each, A2 £2 each, A3 £1 each, A4 £0.5 each. Prints Colour: A1 £10 each, A2 £5 each, A3 £3 each, A4 £1 each. Copy of drawings in CAD Format £50 (We strictly do not issue CAD Version of any of our technical drawings.Travel £2.5 / mile.

You will also be responsible for any planning fees, building control fees, OS location maps, utility searches, building contracts, etc. related to a project and paid for by us on your behalf.


By using any of our services you confirm to have read and agree to our terms and conditions.